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Yukon Trappers Association – 175 Titanium Way

Yukon Trappers Association

175 Titanium Way
Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 0G1

The non-profit Yukon Trappers Association has been in operation since 1974, initiated by a group of trappers who wanted to speak with a unified voice and  to provide services and products that were specific to trappers. For many years YTA was also responsible for providing the Trappers Education Program, an instructional workshop to teach the basics of trapping. Recently YTG has taken this program over.


YTA Location & Purpose

Currently YTA is operating out of the Yukon Fish and Game Building at 509 Strickland Street where we are open Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoons. Since 2009 YTA has been run by a solid group of volunteers who provide all the services and maintain the administrative integrity of YTA without pay. Returning to its roots, YTA now offers only trapping supplies and a wide selection of tanned fur for sale.

Main Goals Include

1)   Communicating with the Trapping Community

2)   Public Education

3)   Providing fur depot services to trappers (including sealing services)

4)   Being a fur industry/trapper representative and advocate

5)   Providing trapper development workshops

6)   Working with other Associations on kindred or related business. For example; YF&WMB on the fur strategy, YOA on the wolf incentive program.

7)   Offering basic trapping supplies for sale as well as tanned fur

Executive Board 2022/23:

Brian Melanson, President

Grant Redfern, Vice-President

Jackie Yaklin, Secretary-Treasurer


Sonja Seeber

Mackenzie Mertz

Jim Haney

Robert Stitt

Victor Sokalski

Larry Barrett

John Gibson