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My Yukon Contest 2020

June 5th Contest Winners:

Thank you to everyone that entered our “My Outdoor Yukon” Short Story contest and “My Outdoor Yukon” Art contest!

We would like to also thank our contest partner Coast Mountain Sports and Hougen’s Sportslodge.

Winners received a gift card that could be used at Hougen’s SportsLodge, Sports Experts or Coast Mountain Sports.

My Outdoor Yukon short story contest winner was Genevieve Lefebvre.

My Outdoor Yukon art contest winners were:

3 -6 Year category:

Catherine Caudle – 3-6 years “Bee”

I like bumblebees even though I’m afraid of them. They like to land on our flowers.

7 – 10 year category:

Jasper Caudle – 7-10 years “ Bear”

I painted this bear because bears are my favorite animal. It’s exciting when I see one on the side of the road in the Yukon.

Immaculee Lefebvre – 7-10 years “Inukshuk”

I wanted to try to paint a picture like Ted Harrison’s paintings. Acrylic painting on a canvas.

Sage Caudle – 7-10 years “ White Crowned Sparrow”

This is a bird that I try to look for in my backyard and on nature walks. I drew it in my nature journal.

11 – 14 year category:

James Caudle – 11-14 year “ Fox”

Foxes are my favorite animal and I see them all the time around my house.

Dominic Lefebvre – 11-14 years “Tree”

pencil drawing

15 plus category:

 Remie Cherpak – 15 over “Escapees from the Rotary Duck Race”

These are the escapee rubber ducks that end up in Lake Labarge after the Rotary Club duck race on the Yukon River

We loved all the hard work that was taken to create amazing art and a wonderful short story.