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img04On behalf of the Yukon Fish and Game Association, welcome to our web site. We are the largest and most effective “frontline” Yukon organizations that concerns itself with:

  • Fish & Wildlife Management
  • Conservation & Habitat Protection
  • Hunter Education and Ethics Development
  • Wolf Creek Salmon Release
  • Fish Stocking of Pothole Lakes
  • Promoting the Values, Heritage and Interests of Anglers and Hunters of the Yukon
  • Yukon Outdoor Women
  • Outdoor Education Camp for youth
  • Whitehorse Fishway

Our Goals

  • Better Wildlife Management
  • Improving Wildlife Habitat
  • Promoting Sportsmanship

Our Purpose

  • To ensure the sound, long-term management of fish, wildlife, and outdoor recreation resources in the best interests of all residents of the Yukon.
  • To make all residents aware of the value of our fish, wildlife and outdoor recreational resource, and to arouse in the public conscience a recognition of and a respect for the place of fish, wildlife and outdoor recreation in the wise and integrated use of natural resources.
  • To obtain and maintain reasonable public access to all forests and recreational areas of the Yukon Territory.
  • To make the general public aware of the dangers of land, air, water pollution, and to cooperate with groups with similar objectives.
  • To promote true appreciation of sportsmanship and sports safety in the light of fish and wildlife regulations and all the fair and accepted rules of hunting and fishing. To foster good will between sportsmen, outfitters, government agencies, outdoor enthusiasts and landowners.
  • To foster goodwill between sportsmen, outfitters, Government agencies, outdoor enthusiasts and landowners.