Goal of the Yukon Outdoor Woman Program (YOW)

To provide opportunities for women to learn skills to enhance and encourage participation in hunting, angling and other outdoor activities. With a focus on skill development associated with hunting and angling, the following YOW Program is offered on June 1-3, 2018.

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Event Schedule

YOW is a three-day event which begins at 8 a.m. on Friday, June 1 and ends on Sunday, June 3 at 5 p.m. Participants can choose from a variety of great workshop options over the three days. There will be entertaining evening events on Friday and Saturday nights.

Event Locations:

Accommodation and workshops will be held at Vista Outdoor Learning Centre (VOLC) on the Mayo Road, home to the YFGA Outdoor Education Camp and YOW Program. VOLC can accommodate 18 women in wall tent accommodations, as well as provide tent sites for more numbers.

Whitehorse Rifle and Pistol Club will host the Firearms Marksmanship course.

Full-day fishing session will be held at Jackson Lake.

Event Costs and Registration:

The cost for each three-day program is $300.00 for YFGA members and $350 for non-members (includes accommodation and meals). You can become a member of the YFGA for $30 as a single or $35 for a family.

Priority will be given to participants who sign up for the full three days.

Payment can be made by cheque or VISA at the YFGA office (509 Strickland Street, Whitehorse, YT Y1A 4K8) or phone (867) 667-4263.

A completed registration form must be included with your payment and can be sent or picked up at the YFGA office at 509 Strickland Street or call 667-4263 or email yfga@klondiker.com.

The registration deadline for YOW is May 10. Don’t delay as it fills up quickly once the word gets out.

Outdoor Skills Workshops

Botany Walk (Saturday morning)  Join Jen Line, Botanist of 20+ years, to learn about local plants, how they are adapted to living in the Yukon, their natural history and life cycles. You will have your eyes opened to the natural world in a whole new way!

Environmental Education (Sunday all day) Join Tami Hamilton for a ‘wild walk’ to experience a greater connection with our natural ecosystems. From trees to medicinal plants, from wetlands to sub-alpine, from birds to ground nesting habitat, you will heighten your observational and identification skills of our diverse natural history.

GPS, Compass and Mapping: Tools to help you navigate in the bush (Friday all day): Through a series of short lectures, map reading exercises and outdoor practical exercises you will learn how to navigate using a map, compass and GPS. You will be able to consider the pros and cons of these two navigating tools. Jim Gilpin will lead you through the basic skills needed to begin practicing on your own.

Northern Bushcraft (Saturday all day): Join Tami Hamilton and Jim Welsh to learn the practical skills and knowledge on the most important crafts of setting up a bush camp. You’ll learn the basic skills of fire management, emergency signalling, axecraft, knifecraft, ropes, knots, sheltercraft and snaring for survival.

Fire by Friction – the Bow Drill (Saturday afternoon) No matches? No problem! In this workshop with Emily Payne, we will learn the basics of using a bow drill to make fire. Participants will practice safe knifework skills to begin carving their own fire kit, as well as learn to create a wild-gathered tinder bundle. Then we will practice the technique of bow drill to try our hand at this traditional fire-making skill.

Outdoor Photography (Saturday morning) Spend a few interactive hours with Heather Jones (www.hpjphtography.com ), sharing photographic images and talking about the process of exploring the natural world through the camera lens. Bring your questions and ideas about gear and about different techniques for getting the results you are looking for. (www.facebook.com/hpjphotography)

Wilderness Medicine (Friday afternoon) From cuts and scrapes, to catastrophic bleeding, instructor Steve Hahn will guide you through the most appropriate equipment to have at your disposal, for injuries and illness that may occur while out on the land. This workshop will be a show and tell of some useful remote medical items that should be carried, as well as critical knowledge and skills necessary to utilize the items effectively. Time will also be devoted to gaining an understanding of rescue resources available in the Yukon, and the advantages and limitations of Spot and InReach devices.

Fishing Workshops

Dryland Introduction to Fly Fishing (Saturday afternoon) Steve and Kris Hahn will cover equipment, knot tying and flies and the basics about fishing methods and the best time for fishing round the clock. You’ll learn hands-on fly casting in a comfortable environment.

Tackle and Technique at Jackson Lake (Sunday all day) Put your new skills into practice for a day’s fishing at Jackson Lake with Steve and Kris Hahn to guide you and answer all your questions. A variety of fly rods, flies and gear are provided. Bring your own hip waders if you’ve got them, and we will have a few pairs to borrow as well.

Hunting Workshops

Archery and Bow Hunting (Sunday morning): To introduce you to the art and skill of shooting a bow, Lloyd Lintott will teach you how to select archery equipment and run you through a 3D target course for hands-on practice. The important technique of yardage estimation will also be included.

From Field to Freezer: Meat Processing (Friday afternoon): Take a hands on approach to learning how to field dress an animal (in our case a goat), as well as butchering and storing meat. The focus will be on keeping the meat clean and in prime condition from the moment it is killed until it is on the table. This workshop is led by Jim Welsh, Hunter Education Coordinator for the Yukon Dept of Environment.

Preparing for a Backpack Hunt (Friday morning):  Join Bernard Briggs to learn how to plan for, and enjoy, hunting out of your backpack. Topics include gear choices, camp set-up, foot care, food prep, fitting your pack and reducing pack weight, pack dog tips, and much more.