Resource Roads update

A summary of the feedback is now available at this website  

Licenced Harvest Data

Each year the Department of Environment publishes licensed harvest data by Game Management Zone in the annual Hunting Regulations Summary booklet. I am providing you here with a report created by the department which rolls up 35 years of licensed harvest data and...

Permit Hunt Survey

We are reviewing our Permit Hunt Authorization systems and processes to address the errors that occurred in the 2018-19 lottery. The review has three parts: a third-party technical review of our data systems, stakeholder engagement, and a public survey. We are looking...

YFGA Supports the Concerned Hunters Group

YFGA is very pleased to support the requests listed in this letter - representing the views of a group of 113 licensed resident hunters in Yukon. Please review the letter here and let us know what you think C113 Concerned Yukon resident hunters Letter

Grizzly Bear Draft plan

Grizzly Bear draft plan release Grizzly Bears Plan(Draft) (Ursus arctos) in Yukon grizzly bears Public Survey (Ursus arctos) and their management in Yukon Canada