Permit Hunt update

Please go to the government web site at to review the announcement made at 11 am this morning.  There will be a number of documents outlining the results of the review and changes being proposed.  My impression is that government was listening...

Hunter Licencing Data

There have been a few questions about calls from environment regarding Licencing Data.  They are checking all clients from the last two years to ensure their data is correct and there is no double entries because of name changes(Robert, Bob) as an example where you...

Salmon Resiliency Conference

For those that attended or others that have an interest.  The materials are available at the web site below.

Mountain Goat Research – Yukon

If you are interested in Mountain Goats please have a look at the following link.  It focused on climate change and moulting of the goats.  There are 56 pages and lots of pictures so will take some time to download....

Regulating off road vehicles in Yukon

Government is asking for your input on off road vehicles by April 8, 2019.  This is the direct link to their site.

Wolverine Survey

A researcher "William Harrower " is asking for your help if you have been around Wolverines at the following website

Yukon Fish and Game awards.

We are just refreshing your memory on our two Major awards. Alex_VB_Award_Form2018_final_Dec2018 ClayPugh_SportsPerson_Award2018_Final_Dec13_2018

Resource Roads update

A summary of the feedback is now available at this website