Special Communication from YFGA Board and Executive

It appears that Yukon will experience a rough start to the 2018 hunting season, in an ever changing landscape! This Government needs to be held accountable for the lack of issuance of all the PHA permits and we need your help to do that. Some board members are suggesting legal action. We do know that other First Nations will be following Ross Rivers lead and in our mind that is where the current government should have taken a stronger stand both to support the general public and those First Nations that have signed their final agreements to work within a process that we have become familiar with. We feel the way in which the resident Finlayson Caribou hunt was used as a bargaining chip and taken from us was unacceptable – and the fact that outfitters and others groups in the area will still get their hunt permits for this year is not acceptable and simply not a proper sharing of our common public resource.
All Yukoners, including licensed hunters have strong traditional values with regards to hunting and fishing. Yukoners put food on the table and teach their children environmental stewardship through hunting… We expect our Territorial government to provide strong representation for all Yukoners on a range of issues, including hunting and fishing and we aren’t seeing that today. We urge you to contact your MLA and MP today.
Things will continue to evolve, and we will do our best to ensure your interests are at the table and considered. If you have thoughts that you wish to pass on please let us know. We will continue to engage in the media, for the benefit of all Yukoners…
Charles Shewen